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the Chamonix

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Q: What French alpine resort hosted the Olympic Games in 1924?
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What French alpine resort hosted the Olympic games in 1992?

Paris Alpine resort

What French alpine resort hosted the Olympic Games in 1968?

The Grenoble

What French alpine resort hosted the winter Olympic games in 1968?

in 1968 the french alpine resort that held that years games was chamonix

Where can one book a stay at an Alpine ski resort?

If you are looking to book a night at the Alpine Ski Resort, you could contact the Alpine Ski resort directly and book with a credit card. You could also contact a local travel agent or try a travel website like Expedia.

Where is the Kimberley Alpine Ski Resort located?

The Kimberley Alpine Ski Resort is located at 301 North Star Boulevard in Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada. The resort is available for day skiers, as well as skiers staying at the Trickle Creek Lodge for any amount of time.

What is the phone number for Alpine Valley Ski Resort in Elkhorn WI?

Alpine Valley Resort offers a range of activities from golf to skiing. It is easy to get in touch with them through various methods. The phone numbers for the resort are 262-642-7374 or 800-227-9395. It is also possible to use the online form to contact the resort.

How do you say holiday resort in french?

' holiday resort' in french is 'vacances'.

What key attractions are located in Risoul?

The key attraction located in Risoul is the alpine ski resort. It is located in the French Alps and a prime location for skiers all over Europe during the winter months.

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Where is the Canyons Resort situated?

Alpine ski resort, Canyons Resort is situated Park City, Utah. Located only 32 miles away from Salt Lake City International Airport, it is Utah's largest ski resort.

What is resort in French?

The word "resort" in French can be translated as "station balnéaire" or "centre de vacances".

Which ski slopes in Canada are most popular?

There are a couple of popular ski slopes in Canada. Some of those ski slopes are located at the following resorts: Kicking Horse Resort, Fernie Alpine Resort, and Red Resort.