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That would have to be Hall of Famer Walter Johnson who pitched with the Senators between 1907-1927. He won 417 career games (second all time in MLB), struckout 3,508 batters (a career MLB record that lasted for 55 seasons), threw 110 shutouts (an MLB record that will not be broken in our lifetime), and pitched 531 complete games (4th all time). One little known fact about Johnson - in the 1925 season, he batted .433 going 42 for 97 with 2 HRs, 20 RBIs, and a .577 slugging average. He had a lifetime batting average of .235.

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Q: Washington Senators most famous pitcher
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Carl Hubbell of the New York Giants (1933, 1936), Hal Newhouser of the Detroit Tigers (1944, 1945), and Walter Johnson of the Washington Senators (1913, 1924) each won 2 league MVP awards, the most by any pitcher.

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