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Q: Was James worthy left or right handed?
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Is Tyler James Williams left or right handed?

tyler james williams is ..... left handed. FYI, tyler was born left handed.

Are the Big Time Rush boy's left or right handed?

Logan,James,Carlos Are Right Handed. While Kendall Is Left Handed. :)

Is LeBron James Left handed?

Yes LeBron James is left handed (writing) but not shooting or laying up. when he autographs stuff he signs with his left hand but and NOT with his right

Is Kobe left or right handed?

I think he's right handed, because he seems to dribble faster with his right, and i looked up a list of left-handed nba players, and he wasn't on the list so. Also, i never knew lamar odom was left handed, then again i never really payed attention...

Who is left handed in One Direction?

Niall is the only one in One Direction that is left handed and the others are right handed.

Is Daniel Craig right or left handed?

Daniel Craig is left handed i thing as in cowboys and aliens he wore the thing on his left hand possibly to make it more comfortable but he is right handed in James bond but the reason for this that all bond previously have been righted . James bond can't go from right to left you can tell that James bond is right handed as the way he hold the gun but with cowboys and aliens there is only one so he can make the character left handed i hope that this has answered your question

Is harry styles left handed or right?

left handed

Is Adam Lambert right handed or left handed?

He is right handed.

Was Heath Ledger right-handed or left-handed?

LEFT-HANDED! not right-handed!

Is spongbob left or right handed?

He's right handed

Is Beyoncé left handed or right handed?

She is Right-Handed

Is John Wayne the Duke right handed or left handed?

right handed