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People in Scotland.

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Scottish people

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Q: Tossing the caber is a sport associated with which people?
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'Tossing the cabber' is a sport associated with which people?

The Scots

What is the Game in Scotland called with the trees?

There is no game in Scotland with trees. You may be thinking about the sport of tossing the caber.

What is the Scottish Sport called?

Caber tossing. This involves rugged, handsome men in kilts throwing large logs as far as they can.

What is the caber toss?

The caber toss or tossing the caber is a Scottish national sport where a tree log is hurled by a kilted man (or woman). A combination of timing dexterity and raw strength are employed to make the log sommersault.

What is Scotland's national sport?

Scotland's national sport is Caber tossing. This involves rugged, handsome men in kilts throwing large logs.By Ambi1349

What is cheese chaseing and chaber tossing?

Cheese chasing (or cheese rolling) is a British event where people tumble down a hill in pursuit of a wheel of cheese. The first one across the finish line gets to keep the cheese. You can see this "sport" on youtube. Caber tossing is a Scottish sport where people compete to see who can throw a VERY large pole the farthest.

In what sport do you toss a caber?

Scottish athletics

Tossing the cabber is a sport assoicated with which people?


Types of sports Scotland has?

Basically, the Scottish play most of the sports you and me play. The most popular sport is football, the oldest sport known is caber tossing (I think!) and the most famous one is, again, football. I think they have 'Haggis Throwing' as well. Hope this helps!

What is the trunk of a pine tree used in Scottish sport meetings?


Why isn't western horse riding a olympic sport?

Western horse riding isn't an olympic sport for the same reason that caber tossing isn't. Most Western horse riding occurs in the US and caber toss is a Scottish phenomenon. Both are sports which require strength and skill, but occur mostly regionally. Western riding is in the Olympics-Reining is a part of the Olympics, but it isn't as popular as the English events. It is just as fun though.

What is the oldest American sport?

Midget Tossing