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The Puzzle Place: the Musical - Cast


- Annaleigh Ashford as Julie Woo

- Jeremy Jordan as Skye Nakaiye

- Katharine Leonard as Kiki Flores

- Rod Harrelson as Leon MacNeil

- Alexa Vega as Jody Silver

- Matthew Hydzik as Ben Olafson

- Billy Murphy as Kyle O'Connor

- Derrick Williams as Sonny MacNeil

- Matthew Gumley as Nuzzle's Kid

- Natalie Hill as Maggie

- Becky Gulsvig as Suzzle

- Tevin Campbell as Nuzzle

- Lindsay Mendez, Aaron Tveit, Michelle Kittrell, Ashley Parker Angel as The Peace Police

Ensemble: Natalie Hill, Ashley Parker Angel, Brynn O'Malley, Aaron Tveit, Lindsay Mendez, David Larson, Michelle Kittrell, Andrew Palmero, Leslie McDonel, Paul Canaan, Michele Micholas, Clifton Hall, Kylin Brady, Adam Sanford, Christina Sivrich, Keven Quillon, Emily Rozek, Christian Borle.

The Puzzle Place: the Musical - Musical Numbers

Act l


*Prologue: The Puzzle Place - Company

*I Can Do Anything - Julie, Jody, Kiki

*Two Heads Are Better Than One - Ben, Leon

*Changing Channels - Skye, Ensemble

*You Can't Say That - Rudy, Julie, Kiki, Ben, Leon, Skye & Jody

*We Are Family - Kyle & Company

*Watching You Walk Away - Kiki

*Cha-Cha - Julie, The Peace Police

*Since You Been Gone - Company

*Breakaway - Leon

*We Are Still Dancing - Julie, Skye, Leon, Kiki, Company

*Finale - Company

Act ll

*We Are the Children - Skye

*Small World - Kiki, Company

*Because of You - Julie

*Gone - Kyle, Jody, Leon

*No One Can Be it Like You - Company

*Pieces of Me - The Peace Police, Ensemble

*We Are Going to the Circus - Julie, Skye, Leon, Judy

*I Can Become a Clown - Ben & Kyle

*It's My Name - Sonny, Nuzzle's Kid, Sizzle, Nuzzle & Julie

*Behind These Hazel Eyes - Company

*Let it Snow - Julie

*Cowboy Way - Julie, Skye, Kiki, Leon, Ben & Judy

*All I Want for Christmas is You - Rudy, The Peace Police, Company

*Pizza - Company

*I'm Glad I'm With You - Sizzle & Nuzzle

*Be Cool - Ben, Leon

*When I'm a Grown Up - Sonny, Julie, Skye, Leon, Kiki

*In the Rain - Skye

*My Hero - Julie, Leon

*I Can Sing - Kiki, Company

*Friendship Is A Garden - Maggie, Leon, Kiki, Julie, Skye

*Can We Sing - Ben, Judy, Kyle, Kiki

*Finale - Company

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Q: The Puzzle Place Ben Jody Julie and Kiki?
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