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disqualification starting

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Q: Swimming disqualification code DQST what does this mean?
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What does it mean when a judge says no disqualification is imposed mean?

Insufficient information is given in the question to form an opinion.

What does DQT mean in swimming?

DQ T = disqualified Turn. see belowset of standard abbreviations defining reason for disqualification which have been adopted by the European Swimming Writers.Whenever a competitor is disqualified the reason is reported against the swimmers name using the following set of codes.TurnTFinishFIArmsAStrokeS----->Head PositionHLegsLStartSTTakeoverOEarly StartStroke ChangeMAppeal MadeAAppeal DisallowedXFoulingFONo AppealWrong LaneLMisconductMEquipmentE

What does starter mean in swimming?

it means start swimming

Swimming disqualification code SL-5L what does this mean?

S=Stroke L=Legs 5=lap/length L=Wrong lane So I would interpret this as on the 5th lap, the swimmer kicked into an adjoining (wrong) lane therefore disrupting the neighbouring swimmer. Stroke indicates it was an offence whilst performing a recognised stroke, rather than other types of violations such as false start, not touching wall at end of each lap etc.

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swimming pool

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