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this is for a crossword has 11 letters the 3rd one is d and the second last is an e

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Q: Swimmer from a small African nation?
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What is the name of a small African nation's swimmer?

Anthony irvine

What is the very small African nation that is south from rwanda?


How do you play for your nation?

umm......... i am a swimmer i went to the finallys

What is a small African Nation bordered by Kenya Tanzania Rwanda Zaire and Sudan?


What is a small African nation that is bordered by Kenya that starts with a you?

Uganda is the only African country that begins with the letter u. Uganda borders Kenya.

Who is Jessica Pengelly swimmer?

She is a South African swimmer who is currently training in Australia. London 2012 will be her second Olympics, her first being Beijing.

Who is Penny Haynes?

penny haynes is a african swimmer who won gold medal

What kind of nation is Kenya?

An African Nation

Who is First black swimmer to win gold?

Anthony Ervin is the first swimmer of African American descent to win a gold medal. Ervin is of African American and Native American descent on his father's side, and Jewish American on his mother's side.

Is the word NATION in African Nation capitalized?

Yes it is.

Who is Anthony Ervin?

Anthony Ervin was the first African American swimmer to win a Gold medal.

What African nation has been independent for over 2000 years?

The African nation that's has been independent is the Ethiopia