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no, 4 years

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Q: Summer Olympics occurs every 8 years?
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Summer Olympics occurs every how many year?

4 years 4 yearsThe Summer Olympics are held once every 4 years.

The summer olympics occurs every?

4 years.

How often does the summer Olympics come?

The summer Olympics occurs every four years. - Hannah Thompson

How often does the summer olympic occur?

The Summer Olympics occurs every four years!

When is winter Olympics?

the winter Olympics occurs every 4 years, 2 years after each summer Olympics.

How many years does the summer Olympics come?

It occurs every 4 years

When is next Winter Olympics?

The 2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi, Russia.

Are the summer Olympics occur every years?

The Summer Olympics are held every 4 years

Winter Olympics occurs every?

the occur every 4 years. So if the (not proper years) Olympics are in 2000 winter is in 2002 then summer in 2004 then winter in 2006 ..........

Summer Olympics occur every how much years?

The Summer Olympics take place every four years.

The Olympics occurs every 4 years?

Yes. Summer Olympics were last held in 2008. The next in 2012. The Winter Olympics in 2010. The next in 2014.

How often is the olymphics?

The winter Olympics are every four years as well as the summer Olympics. But every two years there will be either a winter Olympics or summer Olympics.