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Q: Sports that involve hitting a ball in a hole?
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Is the act of hitting a golf ball into the hole?


What is the act of hitting a golf ball into the hole?

Holing out.

Can you tee off if someone is already playing the hole?

You may, as long as there is no danger of the ball hitting anyone. It depends how far you can hit the ball

What and how much is a par in golf?

If a hole, say hole 1 is a par 3, par 4, or par 5 then the course is telling you if you hit the ball in the hole in the number par then you are even with par. If you hit the ball in the hole on a Par 4 in only 3 hits then you are one under par or -1 for that hole. If you hit the ball in the hole in 5 hits on a par 3 then you are +2 for that hole. So a Par is hitting the ball in the hole in the estimated number for that hole. Par will always be set at 3, 4, 5

What is the penalty for hitting someone else s ball in a golf match?

In stroke play, two stroke penalty and then you must play your ball. In matchplay it is loss of the hole.

If im hitting your ball and your partner is on green and you hit his ball and it goes in hole does that count as a birdy for him?

If you are off the green, and your partner's ball is on the green, you pitch on and you hit theirs and yours goes in it is counted as holed and they must replace their ball to where it was before you hit it. If you hit on and hit their ball and that goes in the hole, you play yours as it lies and you must replace their ball. If you are on the green and hit their ball it is a two shot penalty, or loss of hole in matchplay.

Which golf club is designed for hitting short distances?

A putter... It's designed for short, accurate shots - usually to aim the ball at the hole.

Must a player remove his ball from the hole before another putter putts to the same hole?

There is no requirement that the ball be removed, but it is considered good golf etiquette. As pointed out by one commentator, why deprive someone of that glorious sound of a ball hitting the bottom of the cup after all the hazards, mulligans and lost balls?

What is the penalty for hitting another players ball?

Two shot penalty, and you must correct your mistake before you tee off on the next hole. The total of shots you hit with the wrong ball is also counted.

What is the hole in the ground caused by a meteor hitting the planet?

Impact crater is one term for the hole in the ground caused by a meteor hitting the planet.

What is a hole in the ground caused due to meteor hitting a planet?

The hole is known as a crater.

Loud bang when hitting pot hole?


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