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Sport is an agency of socialization as it is, in theory, a major stereotyped subject. This is because Males, in Britain, are expected too play 'Dirtier sports' such as Football, Rugby L&U, and Hockey, whereas females are more likely too take up Dancing and such.

It also teaches us to work as a team, and too respect hierarchy (in some cases)

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what isstudy ofsport as asocial phenome

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I have no idea what that means

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Q: Sports as an agent of socialization?
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Socialization in sports-?

Sports are another power ful socializing agent every recognise that sport teach not only physical skills but also values.

What is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations?

School (education) is the single most important agent in political socialization of new generations.

Difference between agencies of socialization n agents of socialization?

agencies of socialisation it is the place how practises the agent of socialisation his works

How peer act as agent of socialization?

A peer group that have various things in common including age, social positions, or interests have an influence of the socialization of the members of the group. They can act as an agent of socialization by teaching gender roles supporting each other, and providing a different perspective.

What is the difference between agents and agencies of socialization?

the agent of socialization are the people who socialize while agencies of socialization are the place where socialization take place

Is Santa Claus a socialization agent of materialism?

No I personally believe in the tooth fairy!

How is marriage an agent of socialization?

Marriage can serve as an agent of socialization by shaping individuals' roles and responsibilities within society. It can provide a structured environment for learning social norms, values, and behaviors through shared experiences with a spouse. Additionally, marriage can influence individuals' interactions with broader social networks, influencing their beliefs and practices.

What agent of socialization is most effective?

There isn't one single agent of socialization that is most effective as each plays a unique role in shaping individuals. Family is typically considered one of the most influential agents of socialization due to its early and constant presence in a person's life. However, other agents such as peers, schools, media, and religious institutions also have significant impacts on socialization.

What agent of socialization is responsible for one's political party identification?

Political socialization affects partisan identification by use of emotions through attitude, gender, and ethnicity.

What has the author Christopher Leonard Stevenson written?

Christopher Leonard Stevenson has written: 'Sport, socialization, and the professions' -- subject(s): Professions, Socialization, College sports

When was Marc Roberts - sports agent - born?

Marc Roberts - sports agent - was born in 1959.

When was Roger Montgomery - sports agent - born?

Roger Montgomery - sports agent - was born in 1971.