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because america came to Australia and showed them how to play everthing only america can play the sports

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Q: Sports and Leisure Activities in Australia?
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What sports and leisure activities were in the colony of north Carolina?

The leisure activities in NC were farming, trading,etc

What are examples of leisure activities?

sports and physical activites

What are the top ten leisure activities in Australia?

1. Fishing.

What are some common leisure of Filipinos?

Filipinos enjoy various leisure activities. These activities include karaoke, and fiestas. They also enjoy sports activities including tennis and badmitton.

What are the three main types of leisure activities?

Types of leisure activities vary depending on which list you look at. One list includes: Sports and Physical Recreation Arts and Entertainment Countryside Recreation Home-based Leisure Children's Play Activities Tourism/Visitor Attractions Catering A different list includes: Creative Activities Escape Activities General Cultural and Appreciation Activities Service Activities Another list includes: Active Leisure Activities Passive Leisure Activities

What are some hobbies and leisure activities in Egypt?

You can do the Egyptian dances

How did leisure activities change in Australia due to immigration?

Naturally, as people with different cultural backgrounds come to a place so the leisure activity that are found change.

What does lenina like to do with her leisure time?

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What did sports and leisure change during the late 1800s?

urban families had more opportunity for diverse leisure activities than did rural families

What lesiure activities grew?

There are so many different leisure activities that grew from early days. Some of these activities include sports, fishing, dancing, hunting and so many more.

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on the Mississippi river there are lots of leisure activities, which are: cruises swamp tours fishing. There you are those are the leisure activities on the Mississippi river.

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Some entertainment was rounders, hopscotch and jumprope.