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It's the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana. 250,000 permanent seat.

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Q: Sporting venue with the most seats?
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Where is Ellis park a sporting venue?


Where was the Coliseum?

It was a sporting venue in ancient Rome

What is the oldest venue in the us?

The oldest sporting venue in the US is Saratoga Race Course.

Which sporting venue will you find at jack hobbs gates?

The oval

What are the main injuries at a sporting venue?

If by venue you mean like a game I would have to say broken legs, depending on the sport.

What exactly is the Royal Albert Hall?

An indoor circular venue with over 5,000 seats in the auditorium in central London, England. It is used for a variety of concerts and sporting events. The most famous events are the annual Promenade Concerts during late July, August and early September every year.

In which London sporting venue will you find the Long Room?

Lord's Cricket Ground

What is the largest sporting arena in Australia by seats?


Can you bring Taylor Swift signs on the floor seats?

That is completely up to the venue's rules.

How do you write a sentence that uses 'venue' as noun?

Venue is a noun for the jurisdiction in which a crime is committed, a jury is empaneled, and the case tried; or the scene or locale of a large gathering such as a sporting or entertainment event (or a trial). For Example: We are now going to the band's venue. Did you attend last night's venue? The trial is being held in a public venue.

How much to get the Jonas brothers to do a concert in Indianapolis?

It all depends on the venue, and what seats you get. For example the seats above the floor in Detroit, Michigan were between $80 and $90.

What is the world's largest sporting venue?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway! Seating Capaity 257,325 !Largest Crowd 400,000!