She speaks very highly of you?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She speaks very highly of me

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Q: She speaks very highly of you?
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John speaks very of the Continental Congress.?

very highly

What does speaks millennium of mean?

what does it mean to say it speaks millennium's of him. or how to you compliment someone that has done something very very exceptional with the phrase It speaks ----- of him. (his character)

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he speaks English and Malayalam he speaks English and Malayalam

Another word for speaks eloquently?

very articulate

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What is Elle parle tres bien in English?

She speaks very well

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Danna is from Mexico and speaks her primary language which is Spanish. But I don't believe she speaks very much English, she isn't fluent.

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She speaks very loudly.Speaks is a verb, and you want to describe how she speaks, so you need to use an adverb.Loudly is an adverb. (Many adverbs end on -ly eg. softly, stupidly, quickly)You cannot use loud, as loud is an adjective, and adjectives can only be used to describe a noun. eg. Turn off that loud music. He was playing his loud guitar.

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