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Q: Ross Kananga was a real life person known for running across the backs of alligato?
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Ross Kananga was a real life person known for running across the backs of alligators giving Ian Fleming a name for a Bond villain and providing Bond fans with a memorable escape from death in what m?

Live and Let DieThe answer is correct but Ian Fleming didn't choose the name. The novel was published in 1954 but the film was released in 1973. Fleming died in 1964. Mr. Big's real name in the novel is 'Buonaparte Ignace Gallia'. Ross Kananga was the owner of a crocodile farm that was discovered when scouting for filming locations. The crew discovered the crocodile farm when they passed the sign saying 'Trespassers Will Be Eaten', which features in the film.Ross Kananga did the crocodile jumping stunt himself. It took five takes to perfect and in one attempt, his trouser leg was torn by the teeth of one of the crocodiles. The screenwriter, Tom Mankiewicz, changed the name of the villain in his honour.

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