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Rank popularity of the sports in the U.S. would be.. 5/5 4/5 3/5 2/5

5. tennis 1/5

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Q: Rank popularity of Sports In US?
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How do professional sports in Canada rank in popularity?

they don't

Where is tennis ranked in sports popularity?

Tennis hold a second rank in worldwide sports

Soccer popularity in the US?

Sadly soccer in the United States isn't as popular as the big sports such as American Footbal, Basketball and Baseball it would rank behind golf and tennis in popularity.

Popularity of sports in the US?

Obviously full contact sports such as Football and Hockey always rank highly, Basketball and Baseball are also highly popular. In general the least popular sports are ones which originate outside of the US such as soccer

How does the NBA rank in Popularity?

It ranks 3rd in American Sports sitting behind Football and Baseball

How does volleyball rank in popularity?

around 20th out of all the sports in the WORLD!!! there is a lot of sports in the world so i think volleyball is really popular

Where does fishing rank in the sports in the US?

Very low

Where do these sports rank please football tennis table tennis swimming cricket and f1 racing cars?

Are you asking about their rank in world popularity? If it were popularity, then, in decreasing order: Football, Tennis, F1, Cricket, Table Tennis, Swimming

Where does the NHL rank in terms of popularity in the US?

It ranks forth after the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

What sports lost popularity after world war 2 in US?


What are the very important sports in the US of America?

American football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and NASCAR. The rank of popularity lower than football depends on the demographic, but american football is the most popular.

What did the popularity of sports in the US indicate in the late 1800's?

duno lol

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