On Eureka who plays Jack Carter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Colin Ferguson

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Q: On Eureka who plays Jack Carter?
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Who plays jack carter's daughter on the tv show eureka?

The person who plays Jack Carter on "Eureka"is Colin Ferguson, on the SciFi Channel.

How many times does jack carters car from eureka get destroyed?

Jack Carter's car in "Eureka" gets destroyed a total of three times throughout the series.

What has the author Jack Carter written?

Jack Carter has written: 'The Lubenham story'

When did Jack Carter - actor - die?

Jack Carter - actor - died in 1967.

When was Jack Carter's Law created?

Jack Carter's Law was created in 1974.

When was Jack Carter - politician - born?

Jack Carter - politician - was born on 1947-07-03.

When was Jack W. Carter born?

Jack W. Carter was born on 1991-04-01.

Who played Carter in the film get Carter?

Michael Caine played Jack Carter in the 1971 file Get Carter

Who is Jimmy Carter's son Jack's mother?

Rosalynn Carter

What are the ratings and certificates for Eureka - 2006 You Don't Know Jack 3-16?

Eureka - 2006 You Don't Know Jack 3-16 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12 USA:TV-PG (LV)

Who plays Jack in the box?

Jack plays in the jack-in-the-box

What has the author Ted Lewis written?

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