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1) Run onto the field 2) Throw something onto the field 3) Fight or be disruptive in the stands

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Q: Name something a baseball fan might do to get kicked of the field?
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Name somthing a baseball fan might do at a game that would get him kicked out?

go to the field

Name something a person might do at a baseball stadium that might get him kicked out?

Running onto the field. Interfering with a ball that is in play (reaching over the railing to field a fair ball grounded down the first/third base line or reaching over the railing to field fly ball). Start a fight with another fan. Scream profane language at another fan or player.

Name something a baseball fan might do at a game that woulg get him kicked out of the stadium?

Pour beer on an outfielder, throw something in the stands, scream at the out fielders, wear no clothes, get very, very, obnoxiously drunk...basically anything that would get you kicked out of a normal event.

What might get a baseball fan kick out the game?

They did something bad to a security guard threw something onto the field or ran out onto the field or used foul lauguage or abuse of behavior

What might a person do to get kicked out of a baseball game?

Argue with the umpire, violence, etc.

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What are things a baseball player might do to get kicked out of the stadium?

Assault a manager. Vomit on the field. Set the clubhouse on fire. Attack a fan. Play in the nude. Holding a weapon. Act irratically. Eat the turf. Defacate on the mound. Harm himself. Say offensive things in the broadcast booth.

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ball jersey baseball card baseball cap picture glove

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