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Q: Name athlete playing any three pro sports?
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What is another name for people who play sports?


What is the name of the person who plays sports?

That person is known as an athlete.

What is the name of the Athlete that played all sports?

cortez Taylor

What is the name of a person who does sports for a living?

They are called a Professional Athlete.

What is celebrity?

A celebrity is famous person. You can be famous for playing sports, acting, singing, being a scientist. Let me name some for you: Cascada (singer ) Eli Manny (athlete)

Besides acting name a profession that men are good looking?

Family Feud Answer: modeling, athlete or sports, dancer, doctors, body building

Name of 100 richest sports person in the world?

Tiger Woods is the richest athlete in the world i do know that. I'm not positive on the other 99.

How did mount vesuvious get its name?

It got it name after a athlete

How much money does a athlete get from sports?

It depends what sport and how good they are. For example someone like Kobe Bryant would get paid more than someone who is a no name and is a backup.

Name the first black-athlete at LSU.?

P.J. Reynolds of Lynnville TN was the very first African American athlete at LSU. He played all sports he was even a cheerleader for the universityLloyd Wills Jr. was the first African American athlete to sign at LSU.He ran track.Henry LeBoyd, Jr. was the first African American major sport athlete. He was a pitcher on the 1969 baseball team.

Name three sports that Longines is closely involved in?

boxing tennis table tennis

Name three popular sports played in China?

Ping Pong, Tennis, Basketball

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