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The Seattle Mariners of the American League plays their home games in the State of Washington.

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Q: Name an American league team the plays in the state of Washington?
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What professional baseball team plays in a city in Washington?

The Seattle Mariners play baseball in Washington state in the city of. . .you guessed it, Seattle. The Washington Nationals are located in Washington D.C., not in Washington state.

What state is olympic national park?

it is in Washington

What state do the mariners live in?

Seattle Washington

Are there any famous sports teams in Washington?

Washington state has four famous professional sports team. In baseball they have the Seattle Mariners. In football they have the Seattle Seahawks. In soccer they have the Seattle Sounders FC for the men and the Seattle Sounders for the women. There are a lot of other minor league sports team and famous college teams as well.

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