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Winner, Number1

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Q: Name a term that describes someone who comes in at first place?
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What term describes someone comes in first place?

Winner champion early bird number 1

What does repeat customers means?

Someone who comes back to the same place to do his/her shopping.

What do you call a word that describes where a person is from?

A word that describes where a person is from is called a demonym. It typically refers to the residents or natives of a particular place, such as New Yorker for someone from New York or Parisian for someone from Paris.

What word means originally from a particular place?

"Native" is a word that means originally from a particular place. It describes someone or something that is indigenous to a specific region or area.

What part of speech is the word someone's?

Someone is an indefinite pronoun, a word that takes the place of a noun for an unknown or unnamed person. Example: Someone will call you when your order comes in.

A place that starts with the letter 'h'?

That is a bit easy isn't it? The first Place that comes from the top of my head is Hereford!

Why is number 1 known as the best number?

The number 1 is known as the best number because of it representing "first place". In competitions, when someone comes in first place it means they have won. Because of competitions, the number 1 has been linked in people's minds to winning; making it known as the best number.

Is indigenous an adjective?

Yes, "indigenous" is an adjective that describes something or someone that is native or original to a particular place or region.

How do you make your first kiss the best?

take someone to a beautiful place

What did you describes a person who moves place to place?


When do you capitalize in place of the name?

At the begaining of a sentence, and the first letter of someone's name.

What to do if someone is annoying you?

Apologize and then stop giving them reasons to be annoyed at you in the first place.