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Baseball tennis Golf cricket

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Q: Name a sport that involves hitting a ball?
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What is the sport that is similar to sepak takraw but it involves the teams in a circle and them juggling the ball in order to keep it from hitting the ground?

hacky sack

What is the name of the sport that involves kicking a ball that resembles a volleyball?

Sepak Takraw (a.k.a. kick volleyball)

Which sport involves ducking the boom?

broom ball and also wall ball

What are the examples of sport that involves knowledge of science?

Squash, you have to hit it at the right angle if your hitting it (the ball) backwards against the back so it reaches the front. Competition rifle shooting would be another.

What is it called in french when no balls are in sports sush as swimming?

this is just called 'sport', or by its particular name (athletism, etc..). When a sport involves a ball, it can be called 'un sport de ballon' or 'un sport collectif'

Why people hit to play table tennis?

Playing table tennis involves hitting a ball.

What is the history behind Major League Baseball?

Major League Baseball is an American sport. It involves hitting a ball with a bat. The American League and the National League merged in 2000. The origins of the game are unclear, but it became a major sport from the 1860s onwards.

What do you hit the croquet ball with?

Croquet is a game played both as a recreational pastime and as a competitive sport which involves hitting wooden or plastic balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing arena

What is the sport tennis about?

hitting a little ball back and forth over a net till someone scores

Is hitting a baseball the hardest sport?

no it isn't kicking a soccer ball is. it is a baseball because you have to trow a ball hit run to a base and slid

What is attack in volleyball?

An attack is also called a spike or hit. It involves hitting the ball at a downward angle after approaching the net.

What is the NAME of the SOUND of a ping pong ball hitting a table?

A Tap.

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