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The most popular sports in the Czech Republic are football (soccer), Ice Hockey, volley-ball, tennis and kickball (an original Czech sport similar to volley-ball in which the players kick the ball over a low net.)
Football is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic. The Czech Football Association has run the countrys top league, the 1st league, since l925. The most popular club, AC Sparta Praha, have been remarkably successful in both domestic and European contests. Czechoslovakia were runners-up in the 1934 and 1962 World Cups, European champions in 1976 and the Czech Republic narrowly lost to Germany in the finals of 1996s European championships held in England. F. Plnicka, I. Bican, J. Masopust, I. Viktor, A. Panenka, Z. Nehoda, T. Skuhravy, K. Poborsky, P. Berger and P. Nedvedare among the most famous Czech footballers.

Ice hockey
For years Czechoslovakia's national ice hockey teams have ranked among the top five or six national teams in the world. The national ice hockey team have won the World Hockey Championships seven times (the last time in 1996 in Vienna). They came 2nd in the Canada Cup in 1976. Today, Czech ice hockey suffers from a mass exodus of its best players to foreign leagues, especially to the NHL. Among the most famous players to have left are J. Jgr, D. Ha1ek, M. Straka, R. Holk, R. Reichel, M.Rueinsk and V. Vujtek. V. Nedomansk, J. Holecek, V. Martinec, I. Hlinka, J. Jgr and D.Hasek are among the most famous Czech ice hockey players.

Czech tennis players have been remarkably successful in international competitions. One of them, Martina Navrtilov, is arguably the best female tennis
player of all time. Many other male and female tennis players have appeared in the top 1OO rankings of international tennis including Drobn, J. Kodes, I. Lendl, P. Korda, H. Mandlikov, H. Sukov and J.Novotn.

Track and Field
Czech athletes have made a great impression on Track and Field competitions. The runners E. Ztopek and J. Kratochvlov, the javelin-throwers D. Ztopkov and J. elezn, the discus-throwers L. Danek and I. Bugr, the decathlete R. Zmelk, the shot-putters H. Fibingerov and R. Machura and others are among the most famous Czech athletes. Contemporary world athletics features the decathlete Tomas Dvorak and triple-jumper Sarka.Kasparkov - both of them won the last World Athletics Championship in 1997.

Other Sports
The multiple Olympic medal winner Vera Caslavsk (1968) became one of the most famous personalities in Czech sports and also played an important role in the international Olympic movement. The Posp�1il brothers won 20 world championship titles in bicycle polo. The famous Czech school of ski-jumpers has fostered athletes who have won several European and world titles and Olympic victories (J. Raka, J. Parma, P. Ploc, P. Dluho1). Cross-country bikers I. Fiera and R. imunek have brought home numerous world champion titles.

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Q: Most popular activities in Czech republic?
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Football is the most popular sport in the Czech Republic.

What are the most popular sports played in Czech Republic?

Football (soccer) and ice hockey.

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The motto of Vodafone Czech Republic is 'make the most of now'.

What are the most popular sports in Czech?

One of the most popular sports in Czech is hockey.

What are Czech Republic sports?

Soccer and Hockey are most dominant. Basketball is also played. Winter skiing and bobsledding are also popular.

What two modern countries were joined as Czechoslovakia?

The Czech Republic and Slovakia. Carpatho-Ukraine (Ruthenia) was also a part of the interwar republic, but was ceded to the USSR in 1945 as a part of Ukraine, whose national language is spoken by most of its people.

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What does the Czech republic trade with Canada?

Czech Republic provides Canada with similar types of goods that they provide globally; amongst their most popular products of imports to Canada is beer (Pilsner Urquell) as well as medical drugs (their pharmaceutical is the third largest globally).

What bodies of water are in the Czech Republic?

There are nine lakes in the Czech Republic. The deepest lake is Ceme Jezero in the Klatovy District. There are twenty-two rivers that flow through the Czech Republic. There are many springs in the Czech Republic, and spa towns dot the countryside. The oldest and most visited of the spas is Karlovy Vary.

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The Vltava is the longest river in the Czech Republic. It is most likely famous because of this fact.

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I believe it's Czech Republic..

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By far the most important resource of the Czech Republic is its people who are well known for a high level of education.