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Yeah one cheat is to press alt + F4 it will make your plane go at least 300 meters farther. Don't do that it will close your browser. Look on you tube and get the cheat engine.. It works but you can't have Windows Vista

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βˆ™ 2009-03-16 18:30:03
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Q: Micro Olympics flash game cheats
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if you go to Mofunzone there is a page with computer game cheats. It might be under there.

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Boyish is an online, browser based flash game. There are no cheats available for the game and there is no way to input cheats.

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Epic War 4 is a popular fantasy flash game. To use cheats, it is possible to find a hacked client of the game online.

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there are cheats pick a person at start right click then press fowward it will get you to the next level of the game [does not work on mac]

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