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1. ABA - American Basketball Association

2. BBL - Baltic Basketball League

3. BBL - Basketball BundesLiga (Germany)

4. BBL - British Basketball League (United Kingdom)

5. BSN - National Superior Basketball (Puerto Rico)

6. CBA - Chinese Basketball Association

7. E.O.K. - Greece Basketball Association

8. Euroleague - Pan-European competition for elite clubs

9. Eurocup - know as the ULEB Cup from 2002-2008.

10. EuroChallenge - is the top Men's Basketball competition directly run by FIBA Europe. The competition was created in 2003 following the defection of several top European basketball teams from the former European Champions' Cup which heralded the formation of the Euroleague under the umbrella of ULEB.

11. IBL - International Basketball League

12. ISL - Iranian Basketball Super League (Iran)

13. KBL - Korean Basketball League (South Korea)

14. Korisliiga (Finland)

15. LBL - Latvian Basketball League

16. LEB - Liga Española de Baloncesto (Spain, second level)

17. LEGA Basket A (Italy, first level)

18. LegADue (Italy, second level)

19. Ligat HaAl (Israel)

20. LKL - Lietuvos Krepšinio Lyga (Lithuania)

21. LNB - Liga Nacional de Básquetbol (Argentina)

22. LNB - Ligue Nationale de Basketball (France)

23. LNBP - Liga Nacional de Baloncesto Profesional (Mexico)

24. Naša Sinalko Liga (Serbia)

25. NBA - National Basketball Association

26. NBA D-League - NBA Development League

27. NBA Summer Pro League

28. NBL - National Basketball League (Australia)

29. NLB League, also known as Adriatic League (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia)

30. PBA - Philippine Basketball Association (Philippines)

31. PBL - Premier Basketball League (United States)

32. PLK - Polska Liga Koszykówki, also called Dominet Bank Ekstraliga for sponsorship reasons (Poland, men)

33. PLKK - Polska Liga Koszykówki Kobiet, also called Torell Basket Liga for sponsorship reasons (Poland, women)

34. SBL - Super Basketball League (Taiwan)

35. TBL - Turkish Basketball League

36. TPBL - Texas Pro Basketball League

37. USBL - United States Basketball League

38. WBA - World Basketball Association

39. WNBA - Women's National Basketball Association

40. National Football League

41. United Football League

42. Arena Football League

43. Canadian Football League

44. X-League

45. National Pro Fastpitch

46. Association of Tennis Professionals

47. Women's Tennis Association

48. World TeamTennis

49. NLL - National Lacrosse League (United States and Canada)

50. MSL - Major Series Lacrosse (Canada)

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Q: List of 50 world sport organization?
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