Is there sports quota for iim?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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YES there is

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Q: Is there sports quota for iim?
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How many IIMs in India?

ELEVEN as mentioned below IIM Ahmedabad IIM Bangalore IIM Calcutta IIM Indore IIM Kozhikode IIM Lucknow IIM Shillong IIM RAIPUR IIM RANCHI IIM ROHTAK IIM TRICHY IN 2011

How much is the reservation for sports quota in you-cet?

there is no reservation.

Which is the best managemant college in India now?

iim a iim b isb hyderabad iim c iim i fms xlri iift iim k iim s iim l iim r iim r ximb

Is kvs national sports quota is applicable in delhi university?

yes it is

What is the minimum cutoff marks in Anna university for sports quota?


Best b school in India?

1 IIM Calcutta 2 IIM Ahmedabad 3 IIM Bangalore(bengaluru) 4 IIM Lucknow 5 IIM Kozhikode 6 IIM Indore 7 IIM Shillong 8 IIM Ranchi 9 IIM Rohtak 10 IIM RAIPUR ISB is in the world's top 100 list as well and its in India. Its a private institute tho :)

Is there any sports quota in ME civil engineering at tancet?

i dont know the ans for this question....................!

Does sports quota in du include karate?

Some state give recognize as Sports,Some central govt jobs have reservation. But some state not recognize as sports

Are iim's included in aicte approved colleges?

Yes. IIM's are approved by AICTE

When was Confluence - IIM Ahmedabad - created?

Confluence - IIM Ahmedabad - was created in 1999.

What does iim mean in roman numerals?

IIM means 998.For the Time, 998.

What is the sport quota act?

If an individual was the winner of at least 1 national sports, then that particular individual is eligible for reserved seats under sport quota in an educational institution or some of the government services