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Yes. Trampoline has been an Olympic event since the 2000 Games in Sydney.

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Q: Is the trampoline an olympic event?
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Who was the first women's olympic trampolinist?

The trampoline became an Olympic event in 2000. There is no first women in the trampoline event. The link below has who what won medals in what year.

When did bouncing and jumping on a trampoline become considered an Olympic event?

Trampoline became an Olympic sport in the year 2000 in Sydney, Australia. Gymnasts do acrobatic activities using the trampoline. The schools have removed the trampoline from physical education classes at the same time due to injuries and the insurance cost.

How has Australia performed in event of gymnastics over the history of the olympic games?

Australia has not won a medal in gymnastics competition at the Summer Olympic Games. However, they have won a silver in trampoline. That was by Ji Wallace in men's trampoline competition at the 2000 Games in Sydney.

Are doing flips on an olympic trampoline easier than on a regular trampoline?

It is very likely as the Olympic trampolines will be of high a quality as is possible.

Witch three Olympic sports made their debut in 2000?

The three Olympic sports that debuted at the 2000 summer Olympics were the triathlon, trampoline, and taekwondo. The trampoline involves doing aerial tricks while on a trampoline.

What is the sport of olympic trampoline?

I am not entirely sure what you mean but the trampoline is part of the gymnastics events that some teams compete in.

How long has trampoline been an olympic sport?

Since 2000

Is tennis and Olympic event?

Yes it is a Olympic event :)

Is swimming an Olympic event?

yes swimming is an olympic event

What is a olympic sport starting with T?

Trampoline Tennis Table-tennis

What are the official dimensions of an olympic size trampoline?

10' x 17'

What is the bounciest trampoline?

I think it would probably be a gymnastics trampoline or an olympic trampoline but I don't know where to buy them Rectangular trampolines offer a fantastic, responsive bounce, ideal for experienced bouncers.

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