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An A-5 is a 98 custom, but with a different look and a cyclone feeder.

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Q: Is the tippmann a5 better than the 98 custom act?
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The question is not which is better, but rather what your preferance is. The etrigger will allow you to adjust your rate of fir (ie. semi-auto, full auto, and 3 round burst). Where as the response trigger uses air to push the trigger forward after it has been pulled back. Therefore, in essence if you find the "sweet spot" you will have the trigger bounce of your finger and give you simulated full auto. The drawback is no control over the rate of fire. The advantage is that it has no electronics or batteries. So, again its your personal prefferance.

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How do you tell the difference between the Tippmann 98 custom with or without ACT?

If it has a factory installed ACT system there will be a shiny blue or black button like piece on the handle, if it was modded with after market parts you will need to open it and check for parts. If it's an older model it most likely not have ACT unless it was modded, if it's newer it probably has act.

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