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of course especially in UK

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Q: Is the high-five hand clap used in other countries than the US?
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What is the meaning of one hand does not clap?

you need to hand to clap...right? therefore it usually means support and people helping each other in some sense.

When was The Hand Clap created?

The Hand Clap was created on 2007-08-08.

How do you do a five high clap?

just slap the other person's hand with your hand, palm face down

What does hanf clap mean?

It means someone misspelled "hand clap".

What has hand but can not clap?

A Clock

What has hand but it cannot clap?

a clock

What rhymes with hand clap?

sand trap

When you clap the hand how the sound is produced?

the brain

What is the difference between a cheer CLAP and a cheer CLASP?

A clap is when you clap your hands like a blade. Your fingers are straight up and down and you do not wrap your fingers together. A clasp is when you clap with your hands and you wrap one hand over the other. Cheerleaders usually clasp right before a jump or a stunt.

Heel and toe polka dance steps?

To summarize:Heel, toe, heel, toe.Slide, slide, slide, slide.Heel, toe, heel, toe.Slide, slide, slide, slide.Right hand clap, left hand clap,Both hands clap, clap on lap.Swing your partner 'round.

Can Obama clap with one hand?

no,people can not clap with one hand you have to have to hands so the sound would bounce of or echo geological terms it is hypothedicaley impossible. I find that answer quite strange I know a couple of people that manage quite well to clap with one hand. The one has trouble moving his right arm at time and claps by slapping his thigh. The other lad unfortunately has only one hand and manages to show his appreciation (clap) by slapping his thigh as well. If these lads can do it then so can President Barack Obama

How loud is a BB gun?

Loud hand clap