Is the Kimbo Fights real

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Very. He didn't become an MMA professional from nothing. He was a backyard legend, an now he's an MMA professional fighter. He's as real as they come

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Q: Is the Kimbo Fights real
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What is the real name of Kimbo Slice?

Kevin Ferguson is the real name of Kimbo Slice. Kimbo Slice is considered to be a boxer and does the martial arts. He is popular for his fights especially in the streets.

Where can one watch kimbo fights?

An individual may watch or view Kimbo fights on YouTube. There are many people who have their own channels which upload Kimbo fights so that anyone with an account can watch them.

How much does kimbo slice make in street fights?

1.5 billion dollars

Is Kimbo Slice fake?

No, he is a real person.

When is Kimbo Slices next fight?

As of December 24th 2008 Kimbo Slice is not signed for any future fights, because Elite XC, the fight organization he fought for has gone out of business.

What is Kimbo Slice's real name?

Kevin Ferguson.

Who would in a fight. Kurt Angle or Kimbo Slice?

kimbo because wwe is fake and mma is real and wwe is fake ,fake vs real think about it logically

What is kimbo slice famous for?

Street fights that were video taped. UFC fighting now a days. He also has dabbled in music.

Why does Dana white hate kimbo slice?

Its not that Dana white hates kimbo its just that he dosent think kimbo has the potential to make it to the ufc. i mean if u look at it kimbo is basically a street fighter with no real martial arts expirence so he would probably get killed against an actually martial artist.

Is UFC acting?

no it is real because i know kimbo slice and i went to one of his fight

Was the Jersey Shore fights real?

Yes, the fights were 100% real.

When will kimbo slice fight again?

Kimbo Slice has had no fights in the UFC. However, he did previously fight in the now defunct Elite XC organization. He is participating in the tenth season of the ultimate fighter and if he wins his preliminary match on the show then he will likely make his UFC debut later on.