Is shelby marx a real fighter?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Shelby Marx is a made up charector from "iCarly" Played by Victoria Justice (from victorious, also by Dan Schneider).

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Q: Is shelby marx a real fighter?
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Is Shelby Marks real?

I Don't Think Shes A Real Fighter I Mean Come on Look How Young She Is.The World Won't Let Her Be Fighter I Met Shelby Marx Before And She Said She Not A fighter.

Is shelby marks from iCarly a real fighter?

Its shelby marx and the girl who was shelby marx in the show is an actress that does alot of nick shows so I dont think she is real. Added: A bigger give away is just to watch her moves - she moves like someone who has dancing training and no real fight training. Holds her hands wrong when she punches, can't kick properly ect etc So no, she isn't a 'real fighter'. no

Who is the best 15 year old female fighter?

Shelby Marx

Who wins in ifight shelby marx?

no one, it's just a fake fight but then shelby marx got mad by Carly pushing her grandmother down. Nevel did that. So in the fight, shelby marx was talking real.

Does shelby marx have a boyfriend?

she my do but the only person who can answer is shelby marx!

Does Freddie like Shelby Marx?

Yes Freddie dose like Shelby Marx.

What is the schedule for all the screenings of ifight shelby marx?

The i fight shelby marx has already happened.

When was IFight Shelby Marx created?

IFight Shelby Marx was created on 2009-08-08.

Did Victoria Justice act in iCarly?

Yes she played Shelby Marx in iFight Shelby Marx.

Where do you watch ifight shelby marx?

go to icarly.fight shelby marks

Who can iCarly beat?

Shelby Marx

Who is shelby marks?

Shelby marks is the number 1 female fighter