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Q: Is relay a team or individual event?
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Who is the only team event in track and field?

Relay events.

Is ski jump individual sport or a team sport?

in the Olympics there is both a team and individual event

Is archery an individual event?

Archery can be both a team, and an idividual event.

Did Princess Anne ride in the Olympics?

Yes, she competed at the 1976 Summer Games in Montreal in individual three day event and team three day event. She finished 24th in individual competition.

How much does a relay TEAM MEMBER get for their goal medal?

Each member gets an equal amount of the total reward for the event.

Which athlete broke the most records in Beijing?

That was swimmer Michael Phelps of the United States who set a world record, or was part of a relay team that set a world record, in 7 of the 8 events he won. Those events that Phelps won gold and set world records in were the 400 meter individual medlay, 4x100 freestyle relay, 200 meter freestyle, 200 meter butterfly, 4x200 meter freestyle relay, 200 meter individual medlay, and the 4x100 meter medlay relay. The only event that he did not set a world record in was the 100 meter butterfly and he did set an Olympic record in winning gold in that event.

What are the names of famous archery players?

Here are a few top archers. Italy's Marco Galiazzo won gold in the individual archery event at the Athens Olympics, and won silver at the Beijing games in the team event. Viktor Ruban of Ukraine won the Beijing Games men's individual archery gold. Hiroshi Yamamoto of Japan won silver in the individual event at Athens, and this was preceded by bronze in the individual at Los Angeles in 1984. South Korea's Park Kyung-Mo won silver at Beijing in the individual event, and gold in the Beijing men's Olympic team archery. Some women who are top athletes in archery include: Zhang Juan-Juan of China won the women's individual gold medal in archery at Beijing and silver in the women's team event. She also won silver in the team event at Athens. South Korea's Park Sung-Hyun holds the women's world record for a 70m 72-arrow round (individual event), set at the Athens Olympics, and won a gold medal with her team at both Athens and Beijing. She also won silver for the individual event at Beijing.

An event with a baton?

it is called a relay race

What are the order of the four strokes in an individual medley and in the team relay in swimming?

In the individual medley it's fly, back, breast, free. But in medley relay it's back, breast, fly, free It's different in the relay because backstroke has to start a the medley relay, there's no such thing as a '4X2L Backstoke relay, it's imposable.

How many competitors are there in the relay team?

Four. When you see the name of the relay event it is shown as something like "4x100 meter relay". This means there are four runners on each team that will run 100 meters each. If the event is the "4x400 meter relay" this means there are four runners on each team that will run 400 meters each. This answer given above is not totally correct. There are 6 people on a relay team. There are 2 reserved runners incase of emergencies.

Who holds the most gold medals in the olympic pentathlon?

András Balczó of Hungary with 3 won in 1960, 1968, and 1972. 2 of the golds were won in the team event (1960, 1968) and 1 in the individual event (1972). The team event was discontinued after the 1992 Games. The most golds won in the individual event is 2 by Andrey Moiseyev of Russia (2004, 2008) and Lars Hall of Sweden (1952, 1956).

What team is the best relay team?