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no Ryan is better

Ryan is not better than P-Rod!

paul rodriguez has soo much more style than sheckler, he can also bust out any trick in swith as in his normal stance....goofy. Ryan was a young sensation but paul is a better all round skater.

it really comes down to personal opinion. mine is definitely paul rodriguez!!!

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Q: Is paul rodriguez better than Ryan sheckler?
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Does Ryan Sheckler have a role model?

Yes, he does. While he does not discuss them often they are Paul Rodriguez and Chris Cole, and he is glad to have such great role models.

Who is the highest paid skater?

the highest paid skaters are Paul Rodriquez and Ryan Sheckler

Who are all the skaters in Plan B?

Skateboarders for Plan B are: Paul Rodriguez, PJ Ladd, Jerme Rogers, Danny Way, Pat Duffy, Colin Mckay, Brain Wenning, Ryan Gallent, and Ryan Sheckler

Who is a champion skateboarder?

paul rodriguez, Eric koston, Ryan scheckler, TONY HAWK, etc.

Who is the richest skateboarder?

Tony Hawk, he goes fastest & highest out of quarter-pipes.

Are Paul Rodriguez and Nelly brothers?

No, Paul Rodriguez is the son of famous actor Paul Rodriguez. Nelly is not.

What are facts about Paul Ryan?

better than biden

Who is the skateboader called P-Rod?

paul rodriguez paul rodriguez

When was Paul Rodriguez born?

Paul Rodriguez was born on January 19, 1955.

What is Paul Rodriguez's birthday?

Paul Rodriguez was born on January 19, 1955.

Who skates better paul rodriguez Eric koston or greg lutzka?

Paul Rodriguez. Eric Koston and Greg Lutzka have alot of crazy tricks but P-Rod has the best style and his tricks are so clean.

Who is Paul Rodriguez's dad?

Paul Rodriguez jr is the skater and his dad has the same name