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alot of people say that's mike is not related to martin but according to a interview with mike brodeur, mike himself told reporters that he is a very distant relative of future hall of famer martin brodeur

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No. Brodeur married his sister-in-law, his then wife's (Melanie) brother's wife, Genevieve.

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Q: Is martin brodeur related to mike brodeur?
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What is the birth name of Martin Brodeur?

Martin Brodeur's birth name is Martin Pierre Brodeur.

Does Martin brodeur have braces?

No, Martin Brodeur does not have braces.

When was Mike Brodeur born?

Mike Brodeur was born on 1983-03-30.

When was Martin Brodeur born?

Martin Brodeur was born on May 6, 1972.

What is Martin Brodeur's birthday?

Martin Brodeur was born on May 6, 1972.

What is martin brodeur's birthday?

Martin Brodeur was born on May 6, 1972.

Is Martin brodeur in the hall of fame?

Yes martin brodeur is in the hall of fame

What nicknames does Martin Brodeur go by?

Martin Brodeur goes by Marty, and Brody.

What position does Martin Brodeur play?

Martin Brodeur plays goalie for the New Jersey Devils.

Does Martin Brodeur shoot right or left?

NHL player Martin Brodeur shoots left.

How much does Martin Brodeur weigh?

NHL player Martin Brodeur weighs 220 pounds.