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does it really matter?!

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Q: Is keisha cole dating Floyd mayweather?
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Does Keisha Cole have a boyfriend?

Yes Keisha Cole has a boyfriend She was with rapper Young Jeezy. Now as of 2008 she is with Floyd Mayweather.

Does keisha cole like Floyd mayweather?

To tell you the truth I can't think like Keisha Cole. But I can say that if she do like him it will pop about her having a crush(or in your occasion liking) on Floyd. Answer is I don't know! Young Jeezy stated in an interview, Keyshia left him because he wouldn't marry her. She went with Floyd because she wanted a man with money and Floyd's sister has informal pictures of Keyshia on her myspace page. Im my opinion this is not a good match, but such is life.

Who is Daniel Gibson dating?

keisha cole

Do Floyd Mayweather have a girlfriend?


Who is Floyd mayweather dating?

No he is not married but...him and keyshia cole are really getting into it....WRONG THAT IS SO WRONG!!!!!!!! Floyd money mayweather my man has a wife and 2 kids he does not go out with keyshia cole they are just friends

Is Jadakiss dating Keisha Cole?

No, Keyshia Cole is not dating Jadakiss.She is engaged to NBA basketball player of the Cleveland Cavaliers Daniel "Boobie" Gibson.

Were Keisha Cole engaged to Young Jeezy?

No they are not and have not ever been engaged. It has been reported that they are dating... but they are not engaged!

Does keisha cole have any children?


What keisha cole phone numbers?


What is keisha coles email address?

She said it was and her other one is

What is the name of Keisha Cole's tv series?

The way it is

How much does keisha cole make?

more than you.... :)