Is hitting the same as slapping?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes it is

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Q: Is hitting the same as slapping?
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What are the two ways you can play African drums?

i think it's by hitting(with a stick) and slapping(with hands)

What was education employment like in the 1950's?

teachers disciplined their kids by hitting them with rulers, a cane, slipper, or just by plain slapping

What is a butt-slapping?

A butt-slapping is an act of slapping of a person's buttocks, usually out of jest.

What are does different skills in playing softball?

pitching catching pop ups grounders hitting bunting slapping dragging pushing sliding running stealing catching (as in a catcher catching) diving

Can you be fined for slapping a person across the face?

Yes. Any "unwanted touching" is considered to be an assault.

What do men get out of slapping and hitting women?

They do this to have control of women. They do this to show women that they have more power over them. A man that hits a woman is not a real man, but a coward. They are so miserable with their ownselves that hitting a woman makes them think that the woman can feel bad with them and it makes them feel better about theirselves to see someone else in pain for a moment. Misery loves company. Hitting a woman is one of the most down right disgusting things a man could do. it's on the same list of rape and murder.

Is punching the same as hitting?


What type of asexual reproduction is the same as mitosis?

The type of Asexual Reproduction that Mitosis is is Nipple Slapping.

Why is happy slapping called happy slapping?

because your happy while ur slapping!! people just don't have other names for it. doh!!

Is slapping sombody wrong?

It would depend on who you are slapping, and under the circumstances of the situation.

What is chest slapping by gorillas an example of?

Chest-slapping by gorillas is an example of a threat display.

Is happy slapping a form of bullying?

Slapping someone is a form of physical abuse or cruelty.