Is arda turan good

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes he is very good after a big moeny move from galatasaray to athletico madrid he has improved even more

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Q: Is arda turan good
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When was Arda Turan born?

Arda Turan was born on January 30, 1987.

How old is Arda Turan?

Arda Turan is 24 years old (birthdate: January 30, 1987).

Is arda turan an Armenian?

No, Arda Turan is a Turkish professional soccer player. He was born in Turkey and has Turkish nationality.

Who is the arda turan?

arda is in middle earth man and it heavy rules bigtime NO! Arda Turan is Turkish football player. currently playing at Galatasaray SK. now , he is considered the best football player in Turkey Arda Turan is a footballer. Best player in Turkey.

Is Arda Turan muslim?


How many brothers and sisters does Arda turan have?

As far as I know, Arda has only one brother.

Who is turkey's soccer team captain?

Arda Turan

Who is the best Turkish football player?

Arda Turan

Is Liverpool going to buy Arda turan in summer 2010?

no they are not just a rumor

Who is good to by on FIFA 2010?

marek himsik, arda turan, mesut ozil, hulk. that's if you want really cheap players who are extremely talented

For what football clubs did Arda Turan played so far?

Arda Turan began his football carreer with the Galatasaray in 2004. He then finished the 2004-2006 season on Manisaspor. While playing for Galatasary he also played for the Turkish National team for the World cup. He currently plays for Atletico Madrid, the team he joined in 2011.

How much does an arda turan get paid a year?

he is playing for the Spanish Club Atletico de Madrid and earning 3.000.000 million Euros a year