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Yes, they got married in Chennai on 4th November 2010

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Q: Is anu hasan married to graham Jay yet?
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Who is the husband of anu hassan?

Anu is not married, but she is engaged Her fiance's name is Graham Jay and he lives in London.

Does Anu Hasan have a boyfriend?

She now has a partner, a fiancee in fact. Although I'm not sure how much is known about this. His name is Graham Jay and he lives in London

When was Anu Hasan born?

Anu Hasan was born on 1970-07-15.

Is anu haasan married?

yup she's married to a Indian army officer, but she got divorced later on and she have no children :( she's living with her parents right now !!! Shes gettin married again this year! Anu Hassan's Second Marriage Anu Hasan married her long-time British boyfriend Graham recently. Graham is an investment banker based in London and Anu met him through a music website and as their friendship developed, love blossomed. The wedding was a very private one and happened in typical Iyengar style and was attended only by people very close to her. Source: 'Anu Hassan married Graham,long-time British boyfriend' Dated on Wednesday 2 February 2011

How old is anu hasan?

Anu Hassan was born on 15th July 1970. She is 40 yrs old.

Who is Christine Anu married to?

I think she is married to Rodger Corser.

Anu hassan is she married?

she is not married now(was married) but apparently she is getting married with someone this year!!!end of this year 2010

What actors and actresses appeared in Home Girl - 2012?

The cast of Home Girl - 2012 includes: Anu Hasan as Mother Manisha Hirani as Rita Davina Perera as Ronnie

Who is Christine gambito married to?

Christine Anu married her childhood sweatheart Simon Deutrom on 10 October 2010.

What actors and actresses appeared in Deadpoint - 2012?

The cast of Deadpoint - 2012 includes: Mohammed Alsayed as Voice-over Saeed Farhat as Anwar Jabar Rehan Haider as Man2 Anu Hasan as Mother Amed Hashimi as Salah Harold Salakianathan as Mohammed

Who is Anu?

Anu is an Indian name for a female.

What is the birth name of Anu Saagim?

Anu Saagim's birth name is Anu Nataly Saagim.