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I have both a 1996 arctic cat 580 pantera efi (electronic fuel ingection) and a 1996 ski-doo 580 grand touring. I have been able to test both these models a the arctic cat will top out at 80MPH and I have gotten my ski-doo to 96 MPH on a lake in about 1000 feet but I ran out of room. If you go to then click on rotax challenge it will show you a video of newmorous snowmobile brands so it is a easy desicion for me because of yaers riding a ski-doo and a arctic cat but personaly I like the ski-doo more than the arcic cat.

but the new Z1 turbo can beat ski-doo any day if your looking for speed

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Q: Is a ski-doo snowmobile better than a articat snowmobile?
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buy a arctic cat snowmobile way better than ski doo

How is a snowmobile better than skis?

A snowmobile is mechanical, so you can cover a larger area without getting tired. Furthermore, it is a lot easier to go uphill on a snowmobile than on skies. And have you tried bringing a large load from A to B on your skies? Skies are great for downhill and fun, but if there is a job to be done, the snowmobile is the obvious choice.

Is blazing orange a better color on a snowmobile than lime green?

Only if you want to find it faster.

What is better a two stroke snowmobile or a four stroke snowmobile?

4 stroke is better than 2 -more torque last longer that is why gm stoped making 2 stroke diesels

Does a snowmobile go faster than a sleigh?


Something that runs on gas other than a car?


What are the website that have information about snowmobile insurance?

You could more than likely find information for this on an insurance website such as Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and a numerous amount of other insurance company's websites that have the snowmobile insurance possibility.

What is better a liquid or fan cooled snowmobile?

well, you have to decide whats better for ypu.. but liquid is faster and has more power, fans are slower and overheat quicker, but are easier to work onBut a fan cooled engine will stay cooler in warmer (40*) weather than a liquid,they also tend to do better on packed snow where liquids do better in deep powder.

What type of insulator exists for snowmobile engine noise?

The insulator that is called insulator exists for snowmobile engine noise. You shouldn't even own a snowmobile though because in recent years snowmobile visitor numbers have grown to more than 75,000 each winter This increasing amount has put the environment, animals, and people in danger. Tourists should not be able to ride snowmobiles at Yellowstone National Park because the noise, exhaust, and the trails are bad for Yellowstone visitors and wildlife.

What is better a ski-doo snowmobile or a polaris snowmobile and why?

Ski-doos are usually more performance sleds, they are usually the first to try out new designs and that is why their snowmobiles look so weird compared to the standard design that pretty much all polaris snowmobiles look like. That being said, polaris are usually more reliable, and are much easier to find parts for. The standard polaris design that has been in place since like 1996 works fairly well and is good for a nice trail snowmobile. I myself prefer polaris over ski-doo because of the reliability issue. The newer ones may be better, i cannot say because I have never ridden one newer than 2000.

What is the most popular model of a snowmobile made by Arctic Cat?

I see more zr's on the trails than anything else mainly 600's

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