Is Mark Spitz an Olympic swimmer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He is an Olympic swimmer that won 9 gold medals.

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Q: Is Mark Spitz an Olympic swimmer?
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Related questions

What sport did Mark Spitz win 7 gold medals for in 1972?

Mark Spitz was an Olympic swimmer.

What does Mark Spitz eat for lunch daily?

It is not known what former Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz eats for lunch daily. Mark Spitz is a 9 time Olympic champion.

What is an Olympian Mark Spitz famous for?

Mark Spitz is an American Olympic swimmer. He won seven gold metals in the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

Where did mark spitz go to college?

Mark Spitz is a former American swimmer from Modesto, California. Spitz attended Indiana University. Spitz has won nine Olympic gold medals.

Which bird uses its wings only for swimming?

The Mark Spitz, named after the olympic swimmer

When was Mark Harmon an Olympic gold medalist?

Mark Harmon never was an Olympic gold medalist. You may be confusing him with Mark Spitz who WAS an Olympic gold medalist swimmer in the 1972 Olympics.

What is mark spitz famous for?

Being an Olympic Swimmer that won 7 gold medals in a single Olympics.

Who is the only olympic swimmer to have won gold in the same event in 3 consecutive Olympics?

mark spitz


Mark Spitz was an Olympic swimmer. He represented the United States of America. Spitz set the record with nine gold medals, that has since been broken.

What are facts about Mark Spitz?

He was a swimmer.

Who won the second highest amount of gold medals at a single Olympic Games?

It was the American swimmer Mark Spitz in the 1972 Munich olympic games with 7 gold medals.

Is Mark Spitz the famous swimmer male or female?

Even though Mark Spitz wore long hair, he is a male.