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Yes, David Coulthard is part owner of the Columbus Monaco hotel in the principality of Monaco, where he currently lives.

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Q: Is David Coulthard the owner of a hotel business?
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What is the definition for proprietor?

he owner of a business establishment, a hotel, etc.

Employee requested hotel reservations for business owner and owner did not pay bill is employee responsible for corporation's hotel bill?

Absolutely not. The business owner or person who used the hotel is responsible for their own bill...or the corporation in whose name the guest stayed at the hotel.

Business owners policy?

A Business Owner would most likely put no smoking signs in a Hotel for example or any other Business, a Business Owner can also put signs for zero tolerance for Racism on the Employees part or the Guests at a Hotel, some people might not like that policy but if I were an Owner of a Hotel or another Business that's what I would do. And again if guest at a Hotel don't like the no tolerance Poltcy for Racism a Business Owner might lose their costumers, but the way I see it is that if you can't respect Employees enough to say something nice about them then people shouldn't say anything at all. And one last thing, assuming I were a Hotel and Casino Owner for example I would also inform my Employees that if they chose to date each other they can but they should leave their personal lives at the door so their work performance won't be affected.

What does the owner do in at the hotel?

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