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One way to install a tether ball pole is to cement the pole into an old tire. This provides a stable, but mobile, base for the pole. The apparatus may be moved to a new location simply by leaning it to one side and rolling it there.

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If you have a cheap pole, than yes. I have a tire, just to be safe. If the pole is metal, you might want to just install it into the ground. Either way, it works.

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Q: Installing a tetherball pole in a tire?
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What is the best way to concrete a tetherball pole into the ground?

I suggest cementing it in a tire.

How do you install a tetherball pole in the ground?

If you have a cheap pole, get a tire and put the pole in it and cement it. If it is metal, just get someone to put in in the ground for you. Even if you put a tire in a metal one, it will still work.

What is the best material to use to hang the tetherball?

Hook it with a keychain. The pole should have a little hole where you hook it.

What is ringball?

Ringball may be another name for the game/sport of Tetherball. The Tetherball usually has a ring built into it so the ball can be tethered (tied) to the top of a pole. A Ring Ball is also a type of piercing jewelry.

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How do you make a portable tetherball base in an old tire?

First you get a piece of cardboard that is big enough to fit the circumference of the tire. Get your tire ready and place it on the card board. This is to prevent the cement from drying on the concrete or where ever you are doing this project. Then, get quick-dri cement (the just add water kind) from your local hardware store and a 5 gallon bucket to mix the cement in or whatever you can find, or you could mix the cement on the ground if you know what you are doing. You must move quickly though. After the cement is mixed pour it into the tire up to the inside rim. Don't overfill it. Make sure the whole tire is filled up on the inside. Then place the pole in the center of the cement. You will have to find someway to keep the pole in place while the cement sets. I would recommend at least 12- 24 hours. There you have it. Instant Tether ball base.

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