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Q: In witch game or sport do you pot the black?
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What is the name of the witch's hot pot?

A cauldron.

Total points in a bridge game?

you don't need any points to win a game of pool all you need to do is pot all of the stripe balls if you are potting stripes or pot all of the spot balls if you need to pot them but then it comes down to the black ball and it you pot that after potted the other balls you will win and don't pot the black ball wit the white ball or you lose

Which heats faster white pot or black pot?

The black one.

When was Junior Pot Black created?

Junior Pot Black was created in 1981.

Which will warm faster a black pot of cold water or a silvered pot cold water?

the silvered pot will warm faster because it reflects more ligh than the black pot.

What is that black pot witches have?

The big black pot witches use to make potions is called a cauldron.

What is pepper pot?

Pepper pot is the pot with black pepper inside and you can twist or shake it for the black pepper to come out on your food to add spice or make it tasty!

What game do players flip winks in?

The game that allows players to flip "winks" is called Tiddlywinks. This game is won when a player flips all of his "winks" into the pot or "pot out."

What actors and actresses appeared in Pot Black - 1969?

The cast of Pot Black - 1969 includes: Eddie Charlton as himself

When was Pot of Gold - Game song - created?

Pot of Gold - Game song - was created on 2011-06-28.

What do you call a witch's spoon used to stir the cauldron?

A laddle?

I am already a witch how do i become a vampire?

well first of all reality check your probably not really a witch... and it is impossible tobecome a vampire...(Tip) stay off the herion or pot if your that messed up and thank your a witch.