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i think diving
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and also diving
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i think
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Q: In which water sport may you hear the terms 'pike' and 'tuck'?
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In which water sport may hear the terms pike and tuck?


What water sport may you hear pike and tuck?


What sport fish is also known as the yellow pike?

The walleye is also known as the yellow pike.

In which sport might you do a pike a twist or a reverse twist with pike?

Mostly on cheerleading. Diving uses those moves.

What type of animal is a pike?

A pike is a fresh water fish.

Do pike eat starfish?

No, the pike is a freshwater fish and starfish live in salt water.

Is pike a salt water fish?


Does a pike live in salt water or fresh water?

There are both freshwater Pike and saltwater Pike. They are different species but are both called pike. I live in Maine where Pike were illegally introduced in the last decade or so. Where the rivers flow into the ocean pike can also be caught. In the ocean near the end of that rivers i have caught pike in full saltwater. It may not be scientifically proven but they can clearly adapt to saltwater

When was Nicholas Pike born?

Nicholas Pike was born in 1955, in Water Orton, Warwickshire, England, UK.

What sport involves pikes?

In cheerleading, there are many different routines, and one is called "pike."A pike is also a type of fish that is caught in fishing, and a popular one in bass master contests.

What do pike love to eat?

Pike are the eating machines of fresh water. They will strike at almost anything that moves in or on the surface of water. Minnows, worms, mice, insects and lures of every sort.

Is pike a salt waterfish?

A fish for salted water but also freshwater.

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