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the answer is Golf

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Q: In which game 'Bogey' word is used?
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In which game 'Bogi' word is used?

One over par (+1). "Going round in Bogey" originally meant an overall par score, starting at the Great Yarmouth Golf Club in 1890, and based on a popular music hall song "Here Comes the Bogey Man. Nationally players competed against "Colonel Bogey" and this in turn gave the title to a 1914 marching tune.As golf became more standardized in the United States, par scores were tightened and recreational golfers found themselves scoring over par, with bogey changing meaning to one over par. Bogeys are relatively common, even in professional play - so much so that it is considered somewhat noteworthy if a player manages to complete a 'bogey-free' round - and they are standard for most casual and club players.More than one shot over par is known as a Double-Bogey(+2), Triple-Bogey (+3), and so on. However, it is more common to hear higher scores referred to by the number of strokes rather than by name. For example, a player, having taken 12 shots to negotiate a par-three, would be far more likely to refer to it simply as a 12, or being nine over par, than a nonuple bogey. Double-bogeys and worse scores are uncommon for top performers in professional play.

In which game is the word bonus line used?

In the game of Kabaddi, there is a word bonus line. This is the national game of Bangladesh. The name Kabaddi is translated into English as meaning "holding hands".

With what sport do you associate the terms bogey drivergreenironputtand wood?


How is a baseball used?

to play a game.

What is the equipment and facilities used in the game of sipa?

facilities and equipment of sipa game

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In which game bogey term is used?


What sport is bogey used in?

A bogey is used in golf and its when you hit in in the hole in about 4 or 5 shots.

What sport do they use the term 'bogey'?

The term 'bogey' is used in the sport of golf.

What combinations can you do to get 159 in a dart game?

You cant. its a bogey number

What is the biggest bogey like?

There are several meanings for the word bogey, but if you are referring to dried mucus, which I somehow think you are, then I should imagine it would look the same as any other bogey, just bigger. see related links..

How do you use the word bogey in a sentence?

The Air Force radar installation picked up a bogey, an unidentified aircraft, in a restricted area. The golfer missed his putt for par and shot a bogey, one stroke over par, on the first hole.

How do you book bogey for marriage?

You can't. Bogey died in 1957.

What is a radarman's bogey?

"Bogey" is a proword for an unidentified air contact

What is one over par in golf called?

A bogey.

When was Bogey Music created?

Bogey Music was created in 1980.

In golf what is a professional-other?

I think you are referring to when you see on golf TV broadcasts the word "other". It is anything but a birdie, par, or bogey. Basically anything over a bogey is an "other".

Where did the golf term bogey come from?

According to golf experts, the term came into fashion in the late 1800's when there was a popular song called "Bogey Man" which included the line "I'm the bogey man - catch me if you can". Originally the term was used for a good score in golf, but when the term "par" became widely used to describe that same desirable score, "bogey" changed meaning somewhat.

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