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Bill Russell won 11 NBA championiships and was NBA All-Star 12 times.

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Q: In which city did Bill Russell lead the US to an Olympic gold medal in 1956?
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What City did Bill Russell lead the US to an Olympic gold medal in 1956?

Melbourne, Australia

In what year did bill Russell win NCAA title olympic gold and nba title?

NCAA titles - 1955, 1956 Olympic Gold Medal - 1956 (Melbourne, Australia) NBA titles - 1957, 1959-66, 1968, 1969

Which player won basketball ncaa nba and olympic gold medal?

magic johnson Bill Russell won all three in within 12 months

When did bill Russell start for the celtics?


When did bill Russell get drafted?

Bill was drafted out of the University of San Francisco in 1956.

When was bill Russell drafted?

In the 1956 NBA draft Bill Russell was selected 2nd by the St. Louis (formerly Milwaukee, later Atlanta) Hawks.

What was Bill Russell's college number?

Bill Russell wore #6 at the University of San Francisco. Click on the '1956 USF Basketball Team' to see a picture of the team. Russell is in the middle of the second row.

Who was Bill Russell traded for?

To acquire Russell, the Celtics' Red Auerbach traded Ed Macauley and Cliff Hagan to the St. Louis Hawks, who had selected Russell with the No. 2 pick in the draft. Then Boston had to wait until Russell was finished leading the United States to a gold medal in the 1956 Olympics, which ran until December in Melbourne. Once he returned home, Russell signed a one-year, $19,500 contract with Boston.

Did Bernard Tyson plagiarize Bill Russell's Quote?

In the 1950's Bill Russell was a tall individual and a boy came to him and said sir are you a basketball player, he said that is not who I am, that's what I do. Bernard made it plural, so yes it is plagiarism."That is what we do, but not who we are."Bernard tyson's quote plagiarized from Bill Russell See President Obama's 2011 Medal of honor speech speech on Bill Russell

Is bill Russell married?

Bill Russell was married 3 times Rose Swisher 1956 - 1973 (divorced) Dorothy Anstett 1977 - 1980 (divorced) Marilyn Nault 1996 - 2009 (deceased)

What is the largest margin of victory for an Ohio State basketball team?

53.5 points by the 1956 Olympic Team led by Bill Russell and K.C. Jones. FALSE bc in 92 US beat Angola 116-48

Did Bill Russell and Larry Bird play together?

No they did not. Although both players played their entire careers with the Boston Celtics, Larry Bird was only drafted ten years after Bill Russell retired. Russell played between 1956-69, while Bird played between 1979-92.