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Antwerp (Belgium)-1920 Olympics, Antwerp

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Q: In which Belgium city was the Olympics held in?
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Where were the olympics held in 1920?

Antwerp, Belgium.

What city were the 1966 Olympics held?

There were no Olympics in 1966, they were held in 1964!

In what city will the 2009 Olympics be held at?

there will be no Olympics in 2009. In 2010 the winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver Canada

Where are the Beijing Olympics going to be held?

the Beijing Olympics are going to be held in Beijing near the forbbiden city... the Beijing Olympics are going to be held in Beijing near the forbbiden city...

What city in Korea held the first Olympics?

The first and only Olympics held in Korea was the 1988 Summer Olympics which were held in Seoul.

Where was the Olympics held in 1920?

The 1924 Winter Olympic games were held in Chamonix, France.

What city were the 1936 Olympics held in?

The 1936 summer Olympics were held in Berlin, Germany

In which city will the 2012 Olympics be held?

They will be held in London.

When was the russian Olympics held?

1920 __ 1980 - Moscow Olympics. They were boycotted by the West. The 2014 Winter Olympics will be in Russia. The 1920 Olympics took place in Belgium.

What is the smallest country to host Olympics?

Belgium at 11,787 square miles Antwerp, Belgium held the 1920 Olympic games.

What city held the 1964 Olympics?

They were held at Tokyo, Japan.

Did Belgium ever host Olympics?

Yes, the 1920 Summer Games were held in Antwerp.