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On July 19-20, when the Women's right convention was happening.

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Q: In what year were women allowed to own property?
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How did Fredrick Engles explain the development of patriarchy?

Men controlled private property, and women were not allowed to buy or own property.

Are women allowed to own property in South Carolina?

Yes. Every state in the United States "allows" women to own property. They have equal rights under the law. See related question link below.

What right did the women not have have in the US?

a long time ago women weren't allowed to vote or to own property.

Were women considered citizens?

yes women were considered citizens. They were allowed to own property and slaves. They too over the land when their husbands went to war.

Did a medieval housekeeper own her own house?

Sometimes. Women were generally allowed to own property in Medieval Europe, as long as they were single. So, a widow might well own her own house.

Were free African Americans in the colonies allowed to own land?

No, only white men over 21 could own land. Women and slaves were unable to own property.

What could English women colonists not do after they got married?

They could not own property

Why could English women colonist not do you after they got married?

English women colonists could NOT own property after they are married. -APEX.

Did Aztec women own property?

No They did not No They did not No They did not

Why was life different for women in English compare to Dutch colonies?

English women could not own property after they married.

What did the free blacks in the South were allowed to?

own property

In ancient Greece what would happen if a family did not hve a male heir?

all family's wealth was passed to the nearest male relative upon the death of the husband/father. women were not allowed to own property.