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Well um many believe of it to be in the 1900s while other smart like a-ddezy know its in tda 1500s fo sho? Well um many believe of it to be in the 1900s while other smart like a-ddezy know its in tda 1500s fo sho?

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Q: In what year did American football become more popular than baseball?
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How did football change history?

Probably the only way that American football changed history is that become more popular than baseball. Other than that, history is probably not impacted in any significant way.

What is the popular sport in America?

There are many popular sports here in the U.S. However, the most popular sport has become football along with baseball.

When did football become popular?

When it became popular.

When did American football become a sport?

Yes, American Football is a sport.

What is the national sport in united states?

America's past time is baseball but Football has become much more popular

How did American football become popular?

This is like asking why did Hockey become so popular in Canada. It is huge in the U.S. this is because you have a sport filled with action and you have players that stand out. Everyone loves a hero!

How did soccer become popular in Italy?

it was better than football

How did Ray Lewis become popular?

Ray Lewis had become popular by playing football professionally, for the NFL. Many football players who play in the NFL will gain great popularity with everyone.

National game of all countries?

basketball is a popular sport around the world. American football is also starting to become popular, but it's still struggling. another is - dare I say it - soccer.

In what year did the Cincinnati Bengals become a professional football team?

1968, in the American Football League.

Why is soccer become a popular sport?

Because its a real sport that requires a lot of running and you have to be in shape not like baseball or football that has fat people that play! Hahahahaha

What is some common sports in Canada?

The most popular sport by far in Canada is hockey at the professional, amateur and even unorganized levels. The Canadian Football league is the second most popular spectator sport and subsequently American style football has become very popular at the high school level as well. Lacrosse is actually the country's National sport, but it's popularity is not at the level it was in the 19th century. Basketball, baseball and soccer are some other popular sports in Canada.

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