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Q: In what sport can you score a birdie or an eagle?
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In the game of golf is an eagle or a birdie the better score?

An eagle is two strokes under par, a birdie is one stroke under. An eagle is a better score.

In which sport can you score a birdie?

Golf. Golf.

Which sport would score a birdie?


In which sport can you score birdies eagles and albatrosses?

Golf, a birdie is 1 under parr, an eagle is 2 under parr and an albatrosses is 3 under parr.

In which sport can you score birdie eagles albatross?

All scores in golf.

What sport could you score a birdie on?

Either bowling,swimming,tennis,or golf

How did eagle get its name in golf?

Since an eagle is bigger than a birdie I believe that's how it got its name. Even though an eagle is a lower score it is a much more valuable score.

What is your score if you shoot an eagle on a par 5?

5 = par 4 = birdie 3 = eagle 2 = double eagle 1 = ace (hole-in-one)

What does a birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is always one stroke below a par. Say when a par is a score of 4, that means a birdie is a score of 3. Then if a par is a score of 5, then a birdie is a score of 4. And then you get the idea.!!

Is there such a thing as double birdie in golf?

I would think a double birdie would just be called an Eagle. Double Birdie is probably just golf slang for an Eagle, the much more common term. There is a Double Eagle though which is probably even more rare than a hole in one. That would be a score of a 2 on a par 5.

Stableford score for an eagle when the player gets 1 shot?

2 points for a par, 3 for birdie, 4 for eagle, then plus one for the shot, so 5.

What are sayings in the sport of badminton?

Watch the Birdie! Watch the Birdie!

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