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Q: In what sport are ten pieces of wood separated by a chain?
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What are some shaved pieces of wood?

Very thin pieces of wood are called "shavings."

What do the kayapo people have in their mouths?

Pieces of wood

What do you use wood glue for?

You use wood glue for sticking pieces of wood together.

How many individual pieces of wood in a cubic foot?

it depends on how big the pieces are if the pieces are 2x2 there are three pieces

What are bits of wood after sawing called?

The fine dusty pieces of wood created by the teeth of a saw cutting through woodare called sawdust.The small pieces of wood left over after cutting wood to desired lengths are called offcuts.The thin slices of wood removed when chiseling or planing are called wood shavings.The fine pieces of wood removed when drilling or wood turning are called swarf.

How do you widdle?

You slowly press the knife upward against the wood until a thin layer has been separated at one point. you then push the knife at a downward angle to the point where the two pieces meet you then repeat the process.

What type of wood is kindling usually made from?

Kindling is simply small splinters of wood used to start a fire. When you are splitting wood, save the small pieces as 'kindling' to start your fire. Small wood starts easier than large pieces of wood. It is simply small pieces of wood.

Is changing the size and shape of pieces of wood a chemical change true or false?

False. Changing the size and shape of pieces of wood is a physical change, not a chemical change. A chemical change involves the alteration of the chemical composition of a substance, while a physical change only affects the physical properties of a substance.

What is a drawbridge made out of?

a draw bridge is made out of wood and chain

What is Wood's favorite sport?

Golf, believe it or not.

Why are cookers not made out of wood?

Cookers are not made out of wood because, pieces of wood splinters will get into your food, and taste icky.

What is the shortest length of wood and tiles that you can lay if you have 15 inch pieces of wood and 12 inch pieces of tile?

It depends on how many tiles of each length that you have.